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R J Binnie Ltd was founded in 1994 in Leicester by the Managing Director Richard Binnie. The company was set up to manufacture industrial sewing threads to supply technical textile, furniture and mattress manufacturers in the UK. As the company became more established in the market, other products were added to the range including furniture components and recliner mechanisms.  R J Binnie Ltd. is now one of the leading suppliers for this range of products in the UK and more recently into Europe.

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Jigsaw Sewing Threads

R J Binnie Ltd is the UK’s leading supply of sewing threads into the UK furniture market. Branded as Jigsaw Threads, a wide range of products are held including Polyester and Poly/Cotton Corespun, Bonded Nylon, CF Polyester and Spun Polyester. The company has invested in one of the most modern winding plants in Europe enabling the customer to receive the very highest and most consistent quality products possible.

Furniture Components

R J Binnie Ltd is the leading UK supplier of furniture and bedding components. With a wide and comprehensive range of products held in stock in the Leicester distribution centre, customers rely on receiving stock products from our fleet of delivery vans that deliver to all main manufacturing areas within the UK. Our range includes furniture feet, springs, webbing, zip, hardware and internal fabrics. New products are regularly introduced and made available to customers. We are pleased to work with customers to produce bespoke items for their sole use.

Recliner and Sofabed Manufacturers

R J Binnie Ltd have partnered with Motion Italia to offer the UK the most innovative and varied range of mechanisms available globally. In our Recliner Centre items are stocked and assembled to customer requirements. In our Recliner Showroom we have finished furniture to display what can be achieved by each variant mechanism. Our sofabed mechanism partner is Linkrest, known worldwide for quality and innovation. R J Binnie Ltd. are proud of these partnerships which give the customer the perfect solution to each design requirement.


R J Binnie Ltd is committed to giving the customer a service and quality that they can rely on and trust. Our Sales Managers and internal sales staff work with the customer to provide them with the products that they need and deliver them when they need them. We believe that the best way to achieve customer satisfaction is to work closely in partnership with them.

“We are totally committed to supporting UK manufacturers in the Furniture and Bedding industry through our commitment to product development. Our ever expanding range of specialised sewing threads has also helped to introduce us to many new markets”

Richard Binnie – Managing Director

RJ Binnie Jigsaw sewing threads

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