100% Polyester Corespun


Thread Count Package Sizes Recommended Needle Size
M120 10,000m,  20,000m 70  –  90
M75 7000m,  20,000m 100
M50 5000m,  10,000m 110
M36 4000m,  7500m 120
M30 10,000m 120  –  130
M25 7000m 130


Jigsaw corespun threads are available in both Poly/Cotton and in Poly/Poly. They are constructed with a continuous filament polyester core, with short fibres of either cotton or polyester wrapped around it. This results in the combination of high strength with exceptional sewing properties. The cotton fibres will protect the thread from     extreme needle heat. The latest technology in lubrication techniques give the quality and consistency that is unmatched.


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