100% Polyester/Cotton Corespun


Polyester/Cotton corespun threads are produced by spinning the staple fibres of cotton and then wrapping this around continuous polyester filaments. Two or more plies of this standard yarn are doubled (twisted together) to make the sewing thread. The resultant thread provides superb strength from the polyester filament together with the characteristic soft feel of the cotton. The thread lubricant is retained well by the surface fibres which result in excellent sewing performance. The cotton offers good protection against needle heat.


Ticket Size Strength (grams) Package Size Recommended Needle Size
M75 >=2000 7000m, 15000m 100
M50 >=2900 5000m, 10000m 110
M36 >=3800 4000m, 7500m 120
M25 >=5200 2500m, 5000m 130

Sewing Threads Shade Card

*Also available in Satin (glace) please ask for details.

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