Bonded Nylon


Thread Count Package Sizes Recommended Needle Size
M60 8000m 90   –  110
M40 5000m 100  –  120
M30 4000m 120  –  140
M20 2500m 130  –  160
M10 1500m 160  –  200
M8 1000m 180  –  230



Jigsaw bonded nylon threads are available in a range of counts, to suit the application. The thread is constructed with a Nylon 6.6 filament.

There are 3 plies twisted together to make the thread and this resultant yarn is bonded together using a specially formulated bonding agent, to prevent untwisting. The resultant thread is of exceptional strength and has an appearance that is clear of surface  fibre. With a melting point in the region of 260°C, it has a good resistance to excessive needle heat. Low in stretch, which results in neat seams.

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